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The Wins

A few example quotes from clients

I've summarized a few example wins from clients. More are available upon request. We look forward to adding your win with your permission.

Client–Professional Athlete

“I’ve learned that my best performance is driven by passion and that I need to manage my emotions. Brad has taught me how to calm myself down, accept the present and recognize and reframe negative emotions. I’m now much better at getting the ‘feel’ back when I lose it in competition. I’m also using my creativity to find the fun when I push myself beyond my limits to create a specific outcome.”

Jenny Kalmbach, elite standup paddler / Female Paddler of the Year 2011 Presented by SUP Magazine


“Working with Brad helped me learn to settle down and ‘feel’ the action. As a swimmer, my stroke became stronger and more efficient. It’s been 10 year since I first worked with Brad, and I still use his Tools and Techniques to help me settle down at work or when the horizon starts to close out on the outer reef. With two breaths I can create the calm I need to perform at my best. Breath No. 1 provides the cleanse, I hold the inhale until I feel the pulse of my lungs reaching maximum saturation. Breath No. 2 provides the clarity to see and feel what I want to accomplish. Thanks for introducing me to the HiLevel process as a way of life!”

Ben Komer, Waterman, Vice President, Leahi Swim School


“I’m very happy with the results of our work together. Brad’s program in performance coaching has taught me how to be more patient, to be more thorough in my communications and to do a better job of acknowledging the excellent performance turned in by every one on the team. Likewise, the second phase of performance coaching resulted in real growth and improvement for each member of my team and has helped us to reach our goals and objectives as a company.”

Sean Satterfield, Director Branch Manager UBS

ILH Coach

“Thanks for 25 years of working together with Punahou boys and girls volleyball teams and players. You have always been able to contribute to our optimal level of performance. You have also helped me learn how to improve and enjoy my own competition on the court and in the ocean. Thank you for your dedication, desire, and eagerness to listen and help all of us to perform at HiLevel!

Peter Balding Jr., PE Teacher and Girls Volleyball Coach, Punahou School

School Administration

"The HiLevel Coaching Service has been instrumental in providing many Punahou athletes, teams, parents and coaches with the foundations for effective communication, cooperation and team building. Brad has been able to help us balance the emotions and highly charged ambitions of today's interscholastic athletes with a collaborative and realistic program that provides them with meaningful focus and direction. Under the HiLevel system, our athletes competed with confidence and clear expectations of what it takes to realize peak performance. Thank you for your passion and dedication to your work."

Tom Holden, former Punahou School Athletic Director


“We came to seek Brad's help with the intention of helping Austin become a more complete athlete. What we received was much more. Through helping Austin, Brad helped our family understand and appreciate one another and work through some really tough stuff. That, in turn, helped improve Austin's athletic performance. One of the key tools we learned was breathing. We now realize how this one skill can help in all areas of our lives. Coach Brad has not only helped Austin flourish in athletics, but in his academics as well.”

Joline O’leary, Iolani Parent