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The Father and Daughter Team

I was recently called in to work with a father and daughter “team” that were working to resolve a conflict that centered around the daughter’s apparent lack of desire to get better at tennis.

TeamReadyGED to the rescue!

I began the process by discovering the real challenges for the father and daughter. In this case the father was frustrated that he was unable to help his daughter play well in competition. The daughter wanted the father to just be her father and not attempt to be her coach. 

I worked with the father and daughter separately to find a way to help them communicate effectively their wants and needs.

The father and daughter were able to use the concepts of being grateful, excited and devoted to resolve their conflict. The three levels of breathing helped them both to settle down and be more present, mindful and focused in their relationship.

The father was able to become aware that his daughter expected him to support her in getting better in tennis. The daughter in turn was able to advocate for herself and communicate effectively her needs to her father. As they worked together to resolve this conflict, they both discovered a huge release in pressure. 

Reflection: They both reported that the essential breathing created the calm and clarity for them both to realize the importance of their relationship.

The decision to Be Team Ready is a reminder that “team” is serious business and most likely will require that you give it your all. 

In the GED model team is all about being Grateful, aware of what’s expected, Excited, able to get the job done and Devoted, balance the expectations and the actual results. 


Include the three styles of essential, performance and power breathing and you have the tools to improve your performance and increase your power, accuracy, endurance and health.


Two or more individuals that are working together to produce some desired changes or improvements in their collective performance.


As the acceptance for the work of rebuilding their relationship became a reality both the father and daughter discovered a real and sincere love for each other. The father realized that his frustration in not being able to help his daughter get better actually created additional pressure for her. The daughter realized that her father’s frustration in not being able to help was actually a sign of how much he loved her. 

Reflection: The father reported that performance breathing helped him to smile and be more present and supportive in the relationship. The daughter reported that the performance breathing helped her to appreciate her father more, be more present and in sync with her game. 


As the father and daughter were able to adapt the proper mind­–sets toward each other their collective behavior and performance improved. The father went from looking and acting frustrated to being relaxed and happy with his daughters play. This change in her father allowed the daughter to relax and express her fire and passion for the game. At the end of her season the daughter made it to the State Tournament and helped her team win the State Title. 

Reflection: The father reported that the breathing in general helped him to save his relationship with his daughter and enjoy her last year of tennis. The daughter reported that the power breathing gave her the energy she needed to focus and recover in long rallies and the breathing in general helped her to “battle” with the competition and give her best effort. Both the father and daughter thanked me for helping them to be TeamReady.

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