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The Decision to be TeamReady

For business as well as athletics!

In the late sixty’s and on into the seventy’s, a man named Red Adair originated a very hazardous profession that involved capping oil well fires. During this time his name became synonymous with putting out oil well fires.

During this time I began to work as a coach with teams in athletics and businesses that needed help in putting out their own versions of a toxic fire. I have for a long time enjoyed the challenge of being called in to work under the pressure of putting out the fire. I love the sense of urgency and the need to restore the relationships among the key players.

I was recently called in to help with a negative situation in a large corporate setting. Management was concerned that the service and sales teams where not cooperating with each other and that the in-fighting had become a serious distraction causing the company wide level of performance to plummet.

TeamReadyGED to the rescue.

I began the process by discovering the challenges for all concerned (that's part one). In this case, there were some very strong personalities on the two teams that didn’t like to be told what to do and some equally strong managers that didn’t like not being listened too.

I led a series of discussions with the two teams and management individually on Integration. That's the process of knowing what’s expected of you and what you expect of yourself; the ability to get the job done and then make a good decision regarding the results in light of the expectations. That's part two.

Finally, In working with these individuals, teams and the entire office I discovered the following about gratitude, excitement and devotion and the different levels of breathing.

Gratitude: In general, the people involved had a really good awareness of what was expected of them as individuals and as teams. The breakdown in communication occurred regarding the awareness of what was expected of sales and service working together. This breakdown created enormous levels of stress and the essential breathing was crucial to create the calm to resolve the conflict and begin to listen to each­­ other.

Excitement: As the acceptance for the work of building a Team Ready office began to become a reality the source of the “fire” surfaced. One individual had a serious anger issue that presented a real upset for another individual that had an equally strong passion for building team. This conflict literally threw a wrench in the overall effort to get the entire office in sync. In working with both individuals the performance breathing really helped. The individual with the anger issue was able to settle down and operate at acceptance and the person with the passion for building team was able to make really good decisions to channel this energy in a positive way.

Devotion: As the office adopted the proper mindset the overall performance improved dramatically. As time went on more and more of the individuals experimented with the breathing and reported an increase in energy levels, faster recovery from upsets and long day and overall better fitness and health.

That’s HiLevel