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The interpretation of an opportunity and

how to deal with the ultimate reality. The process presented here includes equal parts gratitude, excitement and devotion.

Gratitude is power: The ability to have the awareness of the “why” for what you want to have happen. The “why” is your purpose, the power that allows you to align your mind, body and spirit and push to the other side of the challenge.

Excitement is energy. The ability to settle down, be present and access the elements that compose your best effort. To maintain the right amount of energy, you must maintain the gratitude and excitement for what you are doing throughout your performance.

Devotion is discipline: The ability to make the right decisions. You need to be able to work the process. Make the right choices each moment. Call on your experience of what it takes to give your best effort. To experience the satisfaction and success of completing the plan to deal with the opportunity.

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Step One: 

Breathe deeply and express gratitude for the opportunity that has presented itself. Take time to reflect on what is expected of you in this role and what you expect to achieve. Focus on the feelings and emotions that arise when considering this opportunity, both positive and negative.

Athletic Example: A high school basketball player is offered a scholarship to play at a prestigious university. She takes a moment to breathe and feel grateful for the recognition of her talents. She considers the expectations of the university and her own personal goals.

Step Two: 

Breathe again, this time opening your heart to fully experience what the work would entail. Ask yourself: Do I feel passionate about this? Do I trust in my abilities to excel in this role? Am I confident I can get the job done well? This is the time to make a decision - stay and pursue the opportunity, go and decline it, or stay open to it while gathering more information. Listen to your intuition.

Athletic Example: The basketball player imagines herself playing at the university, experiencing the rigorous training and competitive games. She asks herself if she truly loves the sport enough to commit to it at this level and if she believes in her ability to succeed. She decides to stay open to the opportunity while discussing it further with their family and coaches.

Step Three: 

Take a final deep breath and summon your mental strength. Objectively evaluate if you have the genuine gratitude and excitement needed to transform this opportunity into an avenue for growth, enjoyment, and success. Be honest with yourself. If the answer is a resounding yes, then commit fully and take inspired action. If doubts or reservations persist, it may be best to pass on the opportunity. Trust that your truth will guide you to what is right for you.

Athletic Example: After careful consideration, the basketball player realizes that she has a deep passion for the sport and is excited about the challenge of playing at the university level. She feels mentally prepared to give her all and embrace the opportunity for personal and athletic growth. With a grateful heart, she accepts the scholarship and commits to giving her best effort.

Remember, opportunities are gifts, but not every opportunity is meant for you at every stage of life. By following these steps mindfully, you can gain the insight needed to make a good decision, staying true to yourself and your path. Embrace the opportunities that resonate deeply, and release with gratitude those that don't align, making space for what's to come.

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