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Move Forward (Some More)

The GED process draws equally from these powerful emotions. Gratitude provides the mental preparation, the Excitement provides the physical mastery and the Devotion provides the spiritual discipline to experience growth.

Gratitude can be refined to match up with extreme challenges. It requires a daily practice combined with essential breathing to provide the awareness: to settle down, be present and recognize the expectations and opportunity that this challenge represents. This awareness can bring the clarity of purpose to the process.

Excitement can be strengthened to meet the physical demands of this challenge. It requires hard work combined with performance breathing to provide the acceptance: to master the skills and focus on the feelings and sensations that create proper form and tempo. This acceptance can provide the passion and trust to process of getting the job done.

Devotion can become the capacity needed to balance the expectations with the results of the efforts. It requires the lens to see and seize the opportunities for growth combined with the endurance gained from breath–holds. This capacity can provide the mental strength to seek feedback and provide the information to complete the process.

The process can resolve challenges in every area of life. To provide compassion for self/others, flow like experiences and to battle with distractions in intense situations and win. To confront and deal effectively with serious issues, addictions, grief, depression and the fear associated with living life to it fullest and death.

Sam Harris, in his Waking Up: Meditation & Wisdom app refers to “Clear Comprehension” in his discussion of mindfulness as “the capability of understanding what you are going through.”

I developed “Move Forward” to help you comprehend this process in terms of how Gratitude, Excitement and Devotion can help in the preparation, execution and completion of dealing effectively with a challenge.

I hope that you will choose to build on this comprehension and be mindful of how you might employ this process along with three very import styles of breathing and make it your own in your efforts to deal with challenges.

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