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Just Breathe

That's Kalani Rivero surfing. “After paddling really hard to catch this wave, I took a focused breath; It brought me present, calm, able to master the moment!”

The how and why we breathe matters!

“Just Breathe” can be a:

  • Conditioned response to focus on your breathe in a special way when it is really needed.
  • Reminder to go deep, to make a homely face, flare your nostrils and use nasal breathe’s to get massive amounts of oxygen to your brain, settle down and focus on the thoughts and feelings that are important to you.
  • Full body response to include a 30 to 40 percent inhale, a focus on the feelings and sensations related to the skill(s) in question, a pause to tighten your core and use the exhale to express all of your passion to increase the power, accuracy and tempo of your movement.
  • Concentrated effort to focus on the mental strength needed to persevere and find your truth regarding the results of your efforts and your willingness to get better.
  • Response to take slow and easy breaths while concentrating on opening your heart and feeling the love and kindness for another person, place or thing.
  • Serious effort to take shortened and rapid inhales and exhales for a given time followed by breath–holds to increase your endurance, recovery and overall health and well being.
  • All out effort to perform at maximum capacity for a short period to excel, win or survive.

What follows is the response from people that were asked how they respond to the phrase “Just Breathe!”

Sanctuary Rancher, Spiritual Teacher, Skills Galore, Great Energy, and Loving Friend.

Just Breathe: “Stop everything, slow down, and close my eyes. I take several conscious breaths in and slowly and fully exhale, releasing tension. Conscious breathing is a necessary re–calibration of my total body, mind and spirit!

Elaine Siegfried from Big Island, Hawaii

Master Craftsman, Superb Athlete, Bay-man.  

“Just Breathe:” When I start to prepare and pressure myself to get the boats ready, I hum a few bars of my favorite tune, the breathing starts and I’m back on track. Living the life I created with purpose.

Jon Schneller from Bay Shore, Long Island

Director of Operations, Videos, Technical support.

“Just Breathe” In the heat of the moment, the demands of the work make me tense, I take a deep breathe and relax because our team needs me at my best.

K. Woo from San Francisco, California

Master Coach of Excellent Performance and Heart Centered Interaction.

“Just Breathe” In the face of turmoil, I breathe and release the tension, open my heart and love the what is… unconditionally.”

Walter Ross from Upstate New York

Humanist, Legal Mind of Poulet Bleu Enterprises, Serious Collector and Investor of Period Art.

“Just Breathe” In the face of distress, I constantly remind myself to be quiet, still, grounded in confidence. I see myself focused and taking the action that is needed. Works every time!

Jon Boy Kobayashi from Kuli’ou’ou, Hawaii

Loving Mother, Family Centered, Design Specialist.

“Just Breathe” In the moments my son was born I was relaxed and operating at acceptance. While my labor was 26 hours long, I was calm because my father was a doctor and he always told me to let the process take its course. And not be pressured into a Cesarean Section. My son is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Elise Yates from Oahu, Hawaii

Former Chief of Staff, Queens Emergency Care, Outstanding Athlete, Great Family Man and Friend.

“Just Breathe” In moments the emergency signal sounds, I have trained our staff to simply relax. To settle down and focus on the process that we follow in responding to the people who desperately need our care, support and love.

Dr. Howie Klemmer from the beach that stretches from Black Point to Wailupe Circle. Aina Haina, Hawaii

Spiritual Teacher, Artist, Entrepreneur, Trained with Ram Dass, Soul Mate.

“Just Breathe” When the need to settle down presents itself, I take slow yogic breaths, inhale into tense muscles, exhale and release and relax. I use nasal breathing and Kriya meditation to create the calm and presence of mind, body and spirit.

Donvieve, from the Village to Northern Calundefined

Team Leader, Heart Centered, Brings Harmony and Fun to Any Situation, Presently Training to Fly Combat Planes for the Air Force.

“Just Breathe” I learned how to breathe, settle–down and trust my skills as a leader crossing the Molakai Channel in an outrigger canoe. I’m now using my breath to increase the cognitive performance and confidence to lead and train at high altitude. I’m giving the best effort possible and plan to pass this training with flying colors!

Harrison Deisroth from Honolulu, Hawaii

Supportive, Kind and Loving, Care Giver, Creative Problem Solver, Powerful Force, Linked in Happiness and Dear Friend.

“Just Breathe” This breath that has carried me through life has the power of making my body and mind feel safe even when the world around me might not. I use an inhale through the nose, down into the belly followed by a steady, slow out-breath that conveys a sense of calm and allows me to heal and find peace. In this place, I become efficient, clear, and powerful in dealing with my challenges. “Just Breathe” is beautiful medicine.undefined

Alissa Brownrigg from Kailua, Hawaii

Great Coach, Leader, Player, Teammate and Athlete, Friend for Life, Excellent Role Model, Recipient of The Stan Gann “Beeg Dawg” Award.

“Just Breathe!” In my ninth decade I have committed to a life of loving kindness. After decades of competitive rage and judgmental thinking, I find myself reverting to old habits, leading to belligerence and unwanted thoughts. When I remember “Just Breathe” I can usually recover the grace, poise, and the love I need to be a decent human being-and that’s all I want.

Bill Curry from College Park, Georgia

Great Photographer, Surf–World Historian, Friend in Need, Well Rounded Athlete, Manager of the Embassy Surf Club (’76–’84)

Just Breathe” When the demand on my time and energy exceeds my interest, I take several breathes and “duck dive” deep into a place of persoanl safety and focus in real time. A West swell carried me and my thoughts to a safer location so I can isolate my questions and breathe out a more clear choice of words and direction.undefined

Bernie Baker from Island Style, Oahu North Shore, Hawaii

World Champion Paddler in Several Disciplines, Amazing level of Mental Strength and Self Awareness, Good Guy and a Real Gentleman. Travis is a Winner

“Just Breathe” In a work out or race, I quickly ramp it up to 100% where I’m paddling all out (which is not sustainable). When I start to struggle, I “just breathe” to recover at race pace and then I go again. My plan is to go all out when the competition can’t or won’t!

Travis Grant from Gold Coast, Australia

Free-Spirit, Fun Hog, Creative Life Style, Hard Worker, Focused, Passionate, Mentally Strong and Capable of Living his Own Truth.

“Just Breathe” A fabulous surfer. Grew up in walking distance. Started breath work when he was really young. It became a huge part of his surfing. His first action after paddling really hard to catch the wave is a focused breath. It brings him present, calm and in a feeling state. The confidence and awareness to go deep and master the moment, whether it is charging gnarly Pipe, attacking the lip at Rocky Point or free diving a hundred feet to spear a huge fish.

Kalani Rivero from Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Great Guy and Friend, Devoted Family Man, Fabulous Athlete (Judo) and Coach, Very Successful in Helping People of All Ages to Recover from Concussions, Live Long Structural Damage and the Need for Chiropractic Adjustments.

“Just Breathe” Don’t overthink. Act in agreement with your natural instincts rather than using your frontal cortex. Thinking is slow and involved learned mechanisms that can sometimes be not adapted to the situation. Following your instinct and staying true to yourself is the way to go. You must combine hard work with a strong work ethic!

Dr. Josuke Tanaka from Geneva, Switzerland

Great Athlete and Coach, Excelled at All Levels of High School and College Volleyball, Mother of Seven Talented and Outstanding Children, Leaders, Service Oriented and Living their Best Lives.

"Just Breathe" In the heat of battle, most of the time, the only thing I can control is my breath. When the crowd wants to see me fail and fail miserably; my breath centers my focus and slows down the moment. The brain seems more flexible when it has a good supply of oxygen. Throughout my athletic career and in my personal life, I have been in many tight situations but no matter how chaotic, my breath has kept me ready and poised to take effective action. As a coach, breathing takes on a more complex purpose. My team looks to me for strength and confidence even though inside I am frustrated. When things don’t go as planned; my breathing continues to help me focus and problem solve under pressure in the best possible way.

Tehani Fiatoa from Laie, Hawaii

A Legend in High School and College Basketball, Great Coach and Councilor, Activist for Indigenous Representation and empowerment on a community and global scale, Manager of Hamakua Harvest, Devoted to Promoting Pono (a state of mind that is characterized by integrity and righteous behavior).

“Just Breathe” In competition or in the spot–light, breathing was a natural extension of being. She has an abundance of intense energy and she got the job done. Today she is moving intentionally in her self awareness to where “Just Breathe” is a statement of authenticity. Her ability to live with integrity and demonstrate pono. The work is to revitalize the Hamakua Coast with practices that include the regeneration through a place based farming lifestyle. Her devotion to growth has provided the awareness and mental strength to live it.

Ki’ilani Spencer-Vasconcellos. Honoka’a, Hawaii

A special Mahalo to the friends of my company that contributed to this request for feedback regarding “Just Breathe!” By definition, “Just” is an automatic response to the need for the “Breath” that provides a pause, a source of oxygen, a signal to the nervous system, and generally enables the brain to perform a vital task. It is my plan to continue with these requests to bring attention to the importance of maintaining a breathing practice that becomes a natural part of each moment.

That’s HiLevel!