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July 2018 Molokai 2 Oahu – Finish!

Well, the 2018 MOLO is in the books! And Travis Grant wins the day!

The efforts of all the participants are even more impressive given the wide-spread reports that the combination of strong trades and a strong out going tide made the conditions both confusing and extremely challenging.

Winning yesterdays World Championship by more that 15 minutes was way more than impressive. Not even Travis knew that was possible!

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For a long time I’ve wanted understand why Travis is such a beast (stronger than strong in the water). Recently, I watched Travis train in the weight room and there was the answer: To be as strong as Travis, you need an extreme mental focus, great form and a bit of genetic help. Travis has all three. His strength is a function of his ability to be deliberate. When he decides to get the job done it will get done.

I have been impressed by Hunter Pflueger and his work ethic for some time now. Recently, I’ve been concerned for his well being as he has added college studies and a business internship to his daily schedule. Not to worry! Hunter can prioritize. He can stay on purpose, achieve excellent results and handle all of his responsibilities with a smile and a great attitude.

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Now that yesterdays race is in the books, he will go back to training for the Molokai Hoe and also get back to college and his training for crew. Hunter is a great guy. A force in the group of serious young Ocean Athletes that are breaking down the doors to the next level of whats possible in Ocean Racing. Stay tuned for lots more!

They're both Hilevel!

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