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“It’s a Game Time Decision”

To be game ready is to feel that you can do well at your event. This confidence is based on your awareness of the expectations, the acceptance of what’s required to get the job done and the ability to balance the expectations with the actual results.

To be “Game Ready” throughout any event is to maintain the focus on the feelings related to proper form, the momentum of moving forward and the good feelings about your efforts. These positive feelings are associated with being in the flow of the action. Negative or random thoughts that take you away from feeling good about the present moment are to be avoided or reframed at all cost.
To increase the ability to be Game Ready throughout an extreme endurance event is to strengthen your attitude to embrace challenges, to build your fitness to respond to the need for an increase in intensity and to routinely focus on creating the right emotions and sensations to improve your performance when you need it most.

Hunter Pflueger speaks to the issue of being Game Ready. “I recently competed in the Molokai to Oahu OC1 solo Race. To say the least, me and the boys had a tough time just getting onto Molokai due to weather conditions. We ended up getting to the start line with just minutes to spare before the start of the 32 mile race.

While my race went well, I faced many difficulties, one of which was my focus. Looking back now these challenges where a great learning experience as I recognized that I need to improve my skills for handling situations where my focus is “lacking” in the future. There is no such thing as a perfect race in the Molokai, but I want to be able to be as close to perfect as possible in the future.”

“It’s a Game Time Decision”

This phrase is generally used in professional sports to describe that a player has been injured and may or may not play. In the HiLevel context, a game time decision is personal. It’s about you and your ability to be Game Ready.


The moment of truth: In the game of your life are you Game Ready? Do you show up confident, fully present and eager to work hard and make it fun and find value in your efforts?


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Establish your plan/line, direction and don’t waiver.

Reflection: Confidence is determined by how you talk to yourself in the moment. To talk nice to your self you will need to believe in your self and then feel and express this conviction. The key to being consistent in your readiness is in the strength of these feelings.

Be Present

To bring forth your best effort each moment you will need an abundance of the right energy.

Reflection: To manage this energy you will need to master breathing techniques to settle down, be calm, make a good decision and express the right level of intensity and focus.

Work Tough

To work really hard and make it fun or enjoyable requires preparation and repetition. The preparation requires fire and passion. Fire is the fast burning fuel that creates the intensity in the moment. The passion is the slow burning fuel that keeps you coming back for more. Repetition is the discipline to keep showing up.

Reflection:To work hard and make it fun is what’s known as a blue–collar work ethic. It’s a learned behavior and a true test of your character.

Game Ready

Out work your own expectations, perform at your best and recover quickly.

That’s HiLevel!