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Hit Refresh! – Amy Woodward

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The Story of Amy Woodward, 31 

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Amy Woodward is an Elite water­-sports enthusiast who also practices personal injury law. Amy was an outstanding high school and college athlete. She is extremely focused and capable of performing really well under pressure. For sure she can Hit Refresh. She has a an amazing level of intensity. Here she speaks to breathing through the Trudge and a very serious medical situation.

“Our crew from Outrigger Canoe Club was racing in the Hawaiki Nui Regatta in Tahiti. The race lasted for two hours and 15 minutes. For the last 30 minutes, I was going in and out of the Trudge. My hydration system had failed and my vision was narrowing. Performance Breathing helped me maintain my consciousness. For the last 15 minutes, I have no memory of what happened and for the last three minutes I was out in my seat.

"At the finish, they put me in an ambulance. The medical staff was speaking French and I was afraid for my well-being. I used the rhythmic breathing to keep me calm. As their efforts to rehydrate me began to work I was able to calm down and be grateful for my good fortune. I remember thinking, ‘Hey, Brad Yates, your breathing saved me. It helped me through some major Trudge!’ ” 

What Amy Woodward gained from her experience with the trudge is important awareness regarding the ability to Hit Refresh. In future races or events that involve such an extreme level of fitness you can bet that she will maintain her hydration throughout the race. She will have a system in place that allows her to Hit Refresh: to rehydrate under the worst possible situations and conditions.

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