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Go Deep! Winning Culture

Look closely at the cultures that winning teams, programs or systems have that allows them to win on a consistent basis, to meet severe challenges: a major setback, a heroic effort or a complete healing..

First there is an awareness of the Expectations. Second, there is a shared acceptance in the preparation, execution and completion needed to Get the Job Done. Finally, there is absolute clarity about what is needed to Get Better as a team and individual.

Bill Belachick, the coach of the New England Patriots is a prime example. His players report on a consistent basis that if you want to play for him, you will Go Deep! You will go beyond what you want and do it his way, the TEAM way. You will be called upon to embrace the challenges of making the Team and you will become self-disciplined in the process. 


Why does this culture breed success? Because the culture demands that you go deep and find out what it means to have a TeamReady Mindset: to prepare, execute and finish properly. It also requires that you put the Team first.

TeamReady Mindset


You work hard, communicate with your peers, you advocate for yourself and you build the bond with your teammates.


You breathe and settle–down; you know what’s expected and get the job done.


You are able to hold on to a Strong Positive Intention, Embrace Challenges and Battle in Competition.

TeamReady Mindset Training

Once you are able to establish the right mindset for your situation there are a series of Steps you can follow and Questions that you need to ask yourself.

Step One: GED

Refine the process. Are you willing to learn how to be Grateful, Excited and Devoted and integrate the finest qualities of your mind, body and spirit into your performance?

Step Two: GED Becomes a Habit

Cultivate Gratitude, Excitement and Excitement. Do you want to turn these attitudes into habits that will provide the discipline to face challenges with fire and passion?

Step Three: Follow the Rules

Show up Rested, Trust the Process and Find the Beauty. Do you want these rules to become a conditioned response to resolving issues and accepting change in order to experience a real sense of satisfaction and success?

Step Four: Master the Tools

Master Intentional Breathing­–Mindfulness–Focus. Do you want to develop these tools to provide the focus, energy and ability to make good decisions needed to perform at your best when it counts the most?

TeamReady Mindset, Actualized

TeamReady Mindset combined with HiLevel Habits can prepare you to meet severe challenges: a major setback, a heroic effort or a complete healing. A fully developed TeamReady Mindset can allow you to experience the best that life has to offer.

That's HiLevel!