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  • “HiLevel’s GED is a simple but incredible approach. When I get overwhelmed with all that’s going on, I pause, breathe, and think about my why. That why - and the gratitude for it all - motivates me to keep going and to coach myself through the challenge! Brad’s idea of ‘power and grace, flow and serenity’ is spot on!”



    Karen Elizaga

    Executive Coach

    Author "Find Your Sweet Spot"

    “HiLevel coaching would be helpful for anyone in any situation. Coach Brad's teachings have helped tremendously in my business, in athletic competition and in my delicate personal relationships. His unique methods like "The Pause," performance breathing and the GED system have brought me peace and allowed me to be my true self while living at a HiLevel. Mahalo Coach.”

    Dr. Chris Yamada DDS

    "Thank you, Coach Brad! HiLevel taught me how to use my breathing to be present, to manage my thoughts and feel the action in practice and under pressure. The HiLevel tools and techniques are now a big part of my wrestling and life. I know now that I have the mental fitness to become an Olympic athlete."

    Teshiya Alo
    Olympic hopeful 2020


  • The Service

    As a HiLevel Performance Coach, I work with individuals and their families in my private practice and teams (athletic and corporate) on site as a consultant. In both cases, I work as a coach, teacher and facilitator.


    My mission is to help individuals and teams to perform better.

    I do this by providing awareness of individual performance profiles. Teaching the HiLevel Tools and Techniques: the inner skills that include performance breathing, mindfulness, broad and narrow focusing and guided imaginary deep relaxation up to and including hypnosis. Presenting a curriculum aimed at guiding the participants to get better, resolve issues and experience the Power of Flow.

    Individual Sessions

    60-90 minutes

    The individual sessions usually last 60 to 90 minutes and often include the use of self–evaluations, exercises, psychological reminders and cues to reinforce important feelings, movements, actions and skills. In general, the focus is to complete the required work, to buy–in to the inherent challenges and to achieve worthwhile goals and feel good about the results.

    Group Sessions

    Group work to match the particular goals and group.

    The group sessions involve building the spirit of core, the feeling of cooperation, the ability to communicate and the desire to work together in the process of becoming very efficient, effective and competitive in the market place.

  • Interview

    Coach Brad was recently interviewed by Coach Daily App. Watch this 15 minute interview to learn more about his use of technology with elite groups he's coaching.

    What follows is a 15 minute video I did with Walter Roth, Executive Director of InWard Now. The context for the video is to showcase the work I do with special-interest groups. In this case, "Brothers That Breathe" is a group that shares my passion for training ourselves and others to give our best effort in ocean races.


    The content of the video deals with my program "Breathe Your Way To GED."


    GED–The ability to be grateful, excited and devoted at the same time.


    Gratitude Training – The ability to want to be present, to have the energy to get up and stay there, and to be calm and settle down to conserve energy.


    Performance Breathing – The ability to settle down and be calm, to be aware present moment and be mindful and focused, to prepare and be able to see, feel and rehearse the skills and techniques required by the activity and to execute the movements involved with power and accuracy.


    Power Breathing – The ability to develop a daily routine that uses the Pump and Clearing styles of breathing and to experience the Chill: a concentrated exposure to cold water or ice or both.


    The combination of the Gratitude Training, Performance Breathing and Power Breathing provides the conditioning and muscle memory needed to perform in a matter that is deliberate and consistent with what you want to have happen. This state of mind, body and spirit provides a chemical response that will allow you to perform at your best and, with serious practice, experience the Power of Flow. That's HiLevel!

  • Above the line

    The HiLevel Process involves learning how to operate “Above the Line” and to separate acceptance and positive behavior from resistance and negative behavior. Above the Line: you feel good about yourself, good about what you are doing, and good about the team. Below the Line: you experience a wide range of negative emotions about yourself, what you are doing, and the team.


    To Operate Above the Line is to choose to be inner-directed and be responsible for your attention, attitude and actions:


    To maintain present moment awareness, to focus on what is happening right now and resist the temptation to focus on thoughts and feelings that belong to the past or future.


    To sustain positive outlook and apply all of your positive energy and achieve harmony of effort as an individual, team and family.


    To be mentally, physically and spiritually engaged in the process of giving your best effort.

  • About Coach Brad

    Coaching students, high performance athletes and teams since 1969.

    Coach Brad

    Founder, HiLevelHawaii​

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  • Individual Effort

    Let it Fly with Fire

    and Passion

  • About Let It Fly With Fire and Passion


    The time and energy it takes for an individual to complete the process of learning to give your best effort can be broken down into eight key elements: Clarity, Gratitude, Fire, Hilevel Performance Profile, Excitement, Devotion, Accountability and Fun/Value.

    If it sounds of interest please email, call or fill out the form for a free 30 minute assessment to see if it is right for you.


    Let it Fly with Fire

    and Passion

  • About Let It Fly With Fire and Passion


    A small group (4 to 8 people) that shares a common bond to a specific team, family or business. They are dedicated to building stronger bonds, resolving issues (make it pono), increasing leadership, and improving individual and team performance.

    If it sounds of interest please email, call or fill out the form for a free 30 minute assessment to see if it is right for you.

  • The Path to Performing with Heart

    Be grateful, excited and devoted.

    Download overview below.

  • The Path to Performing with Heart

    Be grateful, excited and devoted.

    Gratitude = Awareness of the "Why"

    Excitement = Acceptance of what is expected.

    Devotion = Balance the Awareness of what is expected with the Acceptance of what is needed to get the job done.

    If it sounds of interest please email, call or fill out the form for a free 30 minute assessment to see if it is right for you.

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