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Travis Grant

Winner, Molokai to Oahu Standup Paddling Race 2017

Travis took his game to the next level this year.

Not only did Travis break a record in the Molokai to Oahu Standup Paddling Race (he paddled 32 miles with an effort that no one thought possible, 3 hours, 59 minutes and 52 seconds), he also broke away from his stoic approach to racing. Known for his ability set his game plan and control his race, this year he showed some real emotion.

Travis Grant after the M2O SUP Race July 30, 2017

Travis trailed Connor Baxter the entire race. As he neared the end, he hit another gear and surged ahead to win. That gear was fueled by the strong and positive emotion he has for his young family. “This was the most ‘mental’ race yet,” he said. “Throughout the race, I was searching for the right reasons to keep pushing. At the end, I came up with the two best reasons, my wife, Blair, and my son, Hugo.”

Thinking about them and their support, combined with his HiLevel performance breathing, allowed Travis to transcend the pain and discomfort and paddle at his absolute maximum effort.

I have been fortunate to know Travis for about a year (we collaborated on a piece I wrote on the “Creation of a Winning Culture!” (download it HERE). Travis certainly demonstrated his ability to create his own winning culture in that regard yesterday (July 30, 2017). “To have a confidence that doesn’t waiver, energy that lasts, and the ability to work extremely hard and recover fast.”

Winning is not new for Travis. What is new is the awareness/mental fitness to focus on the emotions and sensations that he needs to paddle at the “next level.”

Maika’i Loa (Awesome Job) Travis.

That's HiLevel!

Photo at top: Travis paddling down China Walls en route to victory. At this point, Connor was actually a few board lengths ahead, but the 2013 and 2015 champion dug deep to find something extra when it mattered most. 

(the photo is from  Molokai2Oahu on Facebook – check out their full gallery for more great shots)

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