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The Rise of Pickleball

From my office window, I have a direct view of the tennis courts below. Three years ago, players would occasionally attempt to play pickleball on a makeshift court, with a flimsy net and temporary lines at best.

However, today, two dedicated pickleball courts have been constructed, overlaying the former tennis court. The lines are now permanent, and while the nets are still temporary, they are sturdy and well-suited for the game.

The level of play has improved dramatically.

Pickleball has become a legitimate sport, with professionals, tournaments, and fierce competition. The pace of the game is extremely quick, and to excel, players must:

  • Train for agility and sudden stops. Jumping rope is an excellent exercise for footwork, while side lunges can help prepare for the abrupt changes in direction required during play.
  • Cultivate a competitive mindset. Engage in intense one-on-one battles, maintaining laser-like focus during the rapid exchanges, while also exercising patience to handle the lob portion of the game effectively.
  • Master breath control. Develop the ability to settle your breathing during intense rallies, recover between points and games, and maintain a consistent rhythm throughout the match.

Pickleball has truly come into its own, demanding a unique combination of athleticism, strategy, and mental toughness from its participants.

Watch the video HERE.

"The game with the funny name is serious business."

- Stu Upson, CEO of USA Pickleball

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