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Distraction Free Life

To live a life free of distraction is to breathe your way to GED: to maintain the gratitude (the awareness of the why for the life you want to create), the excitement (the acceptance for the energy you need) and the devotion (the good decisions that will keep you moving forward).

Distractions by definition are challenges that become negative thoughts, feelings and actions that take you out of the moment. If they persist they can kill momentum and stop you in your tracks. To confront distraction when it counts the most is a challenge that confronts athletes, performing artists and, really, anyone who wants to perform at the top of their skills and ability. For example,

  • The surfer who transcends the fear on a huge wave and maintains the just-right edge control to make that wave. 
  • The musician who settles down and plays a very difficult piece to perfection.
  • The surgeon who successfully performs the most delicate operation that has zero margin for error.

Challenges of this nature often don’t allow for anything other than your absolute best performance -- a series of moments where confidence rules and concentration doesn’t waiver. The required skills must be over-learned, the total personal fitness impeccab­le, the work ethic heroic.

The Power of Appreciation speaks to the three-part process for dealing with a challenge that becomes a distraction and outlines the work to be done: First you must want to be present and experience the growth to manage the challenge. Second, you must be aggressive in managing the challenge. Third, you must learn to win the battle with any and all challenges and not get discouraged.

Distraction Free Performance

You combine the GED Mindset (Gratitude, Excitement and Devotion) with Essential, Performance and Power Breathing.


You train your brain to want to be present no matter what.  Your awareness will provide the confidence to know what you expect from yourself. 

Essential breathing will condition your brain to process emotions and create the way too more calm and confidence.


You create the desire to express your energy (Fire­/Intensity) and (Passion/Love) and get the job done.

Performance Breathing will allow you to settle down, be aware of your presence, prepare your action plan and execute your desired outcome with power and accuracy.  


You learn to make the decisions that are consistent with what you want to have happen and that you can control.

Power Breathing provides the energy, endurance and recovery to give your best effort under enormous pressure until it becomes fun and enjoyable.

Distraction Free

So what motivates people to perform with an intense concentration that locks them into the present moment, the mindfulness to perform for the right reasons, and the focus on creating the right emotions and sensations that signal proper form and tempo?

Consider Kai Lenny, who is as near the perfect all-round ocean athlete as we’re likely to meet today.

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Kai, 23 appears to have found the secret to living free of distraction. Kai is one of a kind. He really is the perfect all-round ocean athlete. He is a very hard worker and devoted to his passions. He excels at every aspect of surfing: windsurf, kite-surf, stand-up, foil board, tow-ins and now paddling into the full-size surf of Jaws.

This winter season he has pushed the limits of “Distraction Free Living!” He truly is driven. He travels extensively in search of the next opportunity to showcase his talents for battling with massive waves or winning the Molakai to Oahu Paddle Competition in record time for the first ever Foil Board Division.

Kai is a superbly conditioned athlete that is capably of maintaining his intense concentration and physical awareness under extreme pressure with his well being and endurance on the line.

Kai is driven to excel and set new limits in all of his activities. He has a plan that seems to expand daily. He executes at the highest level and he is clear that he is just getting warmed up! 

He’s a really nice guy. He cares about his community and gives back with his charity that supports water sports for the youth on Maui. 

That’s HiLevel!

Photos courtesy of Darrell Wong Photography