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TeamReady Mindset Training Program

· TeamReady Mindset

Individuals, Teams, Families and Coaches:

I’m excited to announce that I have launched the TeamReady Mindset Training Program. This program, entitled Get on Track! has proven to be successful in bringing participants closer together, to be more prepared and to be able to perform at their best in the face of extreme challenges. Click on the image below to download the flyer.

Click to download the flyer

Mindset training in my day as a competitive athlete involved learning how to be tough. There were really only two choices, be tough or be gone. Fast forward to today. Mindset is everything. Mindset determines your ability to be “team,” to be aware of the expectations, and finally, to get the job done.

Your Mindset separates The Above the Line from The Below the Line experience.

Above the Line you are operating at acceptance, you want to be present and learn how to build trust, embrace challenges and battle with the competition and find joy or value from your efforts.

Below the Line you have resistance, you are actively holding others and yourself back and you are in serious need of an adjustment.

The Get on Track! program offers the opportunity to:

  • Establish the right mindset for your situation. 
  • Refine the process and bring forth the finest qualities of your mind/body/spirit.
  • Build habits­ to establish a Cue with a Routine and Experience the Reward – to generate fire and passion.
  • Build Habits to Follow the Rules: Show up Rested, Trust the Process, Find the Beauty, to respond to and resolve conflict and personal issues.
  • Build Habits to Master the Tools: Intentional Breathing, Mindfulness, Focus, to perform at your best when it counts the most.

The TeamReady Mindset can allow you to settle down in the face of a challenge, be more deliberate in taking care of business, reframe upsets to resolve a grievance, experience a complete healing in your mind, body and spirit.