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The story of Bruce Gordon, 56

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Bruce is a lifetime friend. I have known him since he was 15 years old. During this time he became a most disciplined, successful and hard-core businessman, extreme endurance athlete, loving husband and supportive father.

A while back I received a text from a mutual friend that Bruce was in intensive care fighting for his life. I remember how helpless I felt. I said a prayer and thought about all of his accomplishments as an extreme endurance athlete. The swims, the bike rides and all the training that put him in such fabulous condition. And then this!

Walking through the Denver Airport, Bruce suffered a massive heart attack and miraculously survived as he actually died and it took 3 times to shock him back to life.

Throughout the intensity of his recovery a network a friends formed to share his progress. In my first conversation with Bruce he made it clear that he was going to recover!

A few weeks later he called and asked if I wanted to help with his recovery. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity. I was both thrilled and extremely grateful. Together we literally went back to square one.

We started with the basics of settling down; being calm, clear and having confidence. In no time Bruce was practicing intentional breathing: essential breathing, performance breathing and power breathing all with complete awareness and caution.

From this base, he was able to continue with his successful life. And, he has recovered beyond the expectations of his doctors.

Bruce learned to be grateful for the limitations of his present physical condition. While he is no longer capable of being extreme, he is not the victim in any sense of the word.

In his words, “My survival has allowed me to create a new life and reality, and it is a great life!”

This video comes from the UC Health University of Colorado Hospital. Bruce cannot say enough about the excellent care that he has received and continues to receive that saved his life and nurtured his spirit.

I wrote more expansively about Bruce HERE.