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Play by the Rules WorkSheet

Rule #1 Risk Assessment:

The process of identifying the risks related to a challenge. This is a habit that needs to be established to insure your health and wellbeing. In the words of John Wooden, “Failing to plan, is preparing to fail.”

When preparing to take on a challenge, you need to go deep into the research and be aware of the worst things that can happen. And then with these risks in mind write a narrative that explains the preparation needed to manage them. In short, you want to be proactive, well informed and at peace with the risks.

Reflections: What do you need?

Rule #2 Show up Rested:

Get a good nights sleep and wake up recovered from yesterday's activity. This level of sleep demands the discipline to get the right amount of deep sleep, rest and relaxation on a daily basis.

Sleep: Have a well rehearsed and consistent bedtime ritual to settle down and create an overall feeling of calm to bring closure to the days activities.

Go to bed and get up early at the same time every day. Your brain thrives on consistency.

Get 6 to 8 hours of high quality sleep.

Rest: Establish the life style that includes the proper diet, level of hydration, breathing skills and power naps that enhance the focus on the feelings and sensations associated with the best possible mindset.

Relaxation: The discipline to maintain the awareness that comes form being able to focus on nasal breathing, essential breathing and breath holds to provide the oxygen to manage distress (anxiety, worry or fear) related to the expectations for you by your activity and by you for your desired level of performance.

Reflections: What do you need?

Rule#3 Trust the Process:

To make bold, be brave, confident, and strong and routinely:

Accept the hard work required by your activity.

Reframe negative experiences and learn from your mistakes.

Express passion at will.

Focus on the feelings and sensation associated with proper form and behavior.

Know without a doubt that you can follow the plan, get the job done and experience joy.

Reflections: What do you need?

Rule#4 Find the Beauty:

Beauty is synonymous with acceptance. To find the beauty is to operate at full acceptance of self, welcome the opportunity to debrief and refine the efforts to get better.

To experience growth in this way you need to have mental strength and be resilient. Resiliency is a learned behavior, it comes from learning how to let go of mistakes, recover from and adjust easily to adversity or the need to change.

In the words of Amanda Knox. “Adversity pains us and tests our spirit. It can also fortify us and reveal our potential.”

Reflections: What do you need?

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Please collect the “What do you need?” statements and create a document that you can print and read out loud to yourself. This is what Dr. Homer Rice referred to as “scientific prayer.” A very powerful form of mental training.

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