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Molokai to Oahu

MOLO OC1 2018


The course is 32 miles from the north shore of Molakai to the south shore of Oahu.

The conditions are hard to predict. It can be incredibly stormy or calm like a lake or anything in between. The challenges are real. The competition is the best in the world. To be competitive you must develop the mind-set, establish the rules and master the tools you need to embrace the challenges of the MOLO from start to finish.

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Travis Grant (above) speaks to his feelings for this year's MOLO. “I’m really grateful and excited to compete against so many talented paddlers. The field is stacked with the best in all age groups. I will do my best to hang in and finish strong at the end.” 

The GED Mind-Set

GED stands for Grateful–Excited–Devoted–The ability to feel grateful, excited and devoted while performing in the face of a challenge.

Gratitude = Awareness of the Why (what you want to accomplish in the face of a challenge).

Reflection: If you train your brain to feel grateful, you will be provided with the clarity to know what you want to accomplish, the courage to move forward and the trust in your ability to embrace the challenge.

Excitement = Acceptance of the demands of the challenge (the strength of your conviction)

Reflection: If you train with the right energy, you will be able to settle down, be present and access the skills and power required to perform in competition.

Devotion = Commitment to balance the Awareness of what you want with the Acceptance of the energy required to get the job done.
Reflection: Devotion provides the self–discipline to use the HiLevel Tools and Techniques that enable you to battle with the competition.

Strong mind-set = race hard and enjoy the process!

The GED Rules

Show up rested: Have the clarity/courage to face the fear, pain and discomfort as it relates to issues that threaten your health, happiness and ability to cross the channel.

Trust in the process: Allow the experience to be resolved within you, and for you to become part of the process. Find a way to be present and engaged and to accept the reality of your situation. Release the wisdom that allows you to have the courage to be genuine and caring along the way.

Find the Beauty: Flip the experience, reframe it, and find the perfection in the race in order to make a slight correction, cultivate a skill, or clear away something from your experience. Learn the meaning of this experience and face it straight on without creating muck – feelings of revenge or regret. Allow the experience to open you and let your spirit express feelings of strength, joy and humility.

Establish and follow your own rules = No regrets!

Master the GED Tools


There are three styles of breathing. Performance Breathing, Essential Breathing and Power Breathing.

Performance Breathing: Allows you to operate in the present moment. To increase the intensity, power and accuracy of your actions when it counts the most. 

Essential Breathing: Is crucial to the development of a healthy mind, body and spirit. The ability to operate at acceptance, experience complete gratitude and make the best possible decisions for the well–being of yourself and others. 

Power Breathing: Is designed to fit your needs for extreme energy, endurance and recovery. To store oxygen, release carbon dioxide and relax and recover before, during and after strenuous exercise. 

Mindfulness: The ability to be present, aware of what you want to accomplish and make the right decisions. To set the course, stay ahead of the nutrition and hydration.

Focus: To execute. To feel strong and secure, confident with each stroke, paddling with the right tempo. To easily catch bumps and maximize any surges or currents. You are able to relax and recover when needed. You know where you are in the race and you respond appropriately.

Master these tools = Race in the moment.

Dale Hope, longtime competitive paddler speaks to the HiLevel Tools

“I wish I had Coach Brad and his tools back in the day. I had a lot of second-place finishes. I needed the tools to push myself to that next level, finish strong and win!” 


The process of finishing the race with the proper mind-set, having applied the rules and utilized the tools,is to experiencean incredible sense of accomplishment that you were able to perform to the best of your ability. To perform well, to be competitive, and to battle is to celebrate the love you have for competition, the race and the channel.

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Hunter Pflueger (above) speaks to his plan. “I WILL focus on every stroke and detail until I have crossed the finish line. At that point I will be completely spent, dead tired with a huge smile on my face!

That’s HiLevel!