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Jensen Park

HiLevel Performance Profile

Jensen came to HiLevel after he was cut from Major League Baseball. He was angry and hurt by the way his situation was handled. As it turned out, he discovered he had been playing with two serious injuries.

Jensen Park

Jensen is a controller. He is extremely analytical and linear–minded. He wants to be in charge of his scope. When he has a plan and can execute to his satisfaction he is extremely competitive.  In those moments, he can work hard and push himself to execute and complete his plan. 

For Jensen, this process is really fun.  Mostly because executing his plan provides him with the clarity he needs to get better. Jensen is driven to get better. 

In the event Jensen is not able to execute his plan he will get frustrated. 

Presently, Jensen is rehabbing from those serious injuries to his ankle and throwing arm that threaten to end his career in professional baseball.

We introduced Jensen to a process for achieving a complete healing: 

Activate individual healing properties

Jensen began to use performance breathing to settle down, be calm and practice accepting his situation. 

“The HiLevel breathing exercises helped me to live in the moment and make the good choices needed to implement my plan and manage my negative emotions”.

Manage emotions

Jensen learned how to be grateful for the challenges confronting him and his career in professional baseball. Jensen has learned what Ryan Holiday refers to in “The Daily Stoic” as a “reasoned choice.”  He began to focus on the aspects of the situation that he can control.

“Dealing with the adversity created feelings of anxiety, frustration and fear. In short, I was focused on the bitterness of the situation. When I began to embrace gratitude, I was able to focus on the positive things in my life and develop great attitude and intention to heal.”

Establish supportive relationships

Jensen became very deliberate about his efforts to rehab his injuries. He established highly supportive relationships with his medical doctors, rehab staff and coaches.

“I decided to attack my situation with my best effort and wake up every morning with the intention of finding the right people for my elbow and ankle and develop a short-term plan with each of them.”

Establish a lifestyle that promotes healing

Jensen also began to recognize his frustration and use deliberate breathing to settle down and choose the right thoughts and focus on the right emotions. Not an easy transition. But he has been open to change.

“The time I spent with HiLevel helped me to gain valuable information about how I can control of my life. I am very excited to see where this journey takes me. When I’m healthy, I plan to use the HiLevel tools in the process of learning to play baseball again! I am extremely grateful for HiLevel and how it has helped me to get back to playing the game I love.” 

To Create a Complete Healing


You need to use Essential Breathing, Performance Breathing and Power Breathing to build and maintain the energy you require. To do this, you need to:

  1. Settle down, be calm and practice accepting your situation.
  2. Focus on the aspects you can control.
  3. Be deliberate in your efforts.
  4. Choose the “right reasons” to focus on the right thoughts and emotions.

That's HiLevel!