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Hit Refresh! – Chris Nardone

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Chris Nardone, age 30, from Nashville, Tennessee

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"Each year I use Nashville's Rock n' Roll Half-Marathon as a way of building my fitness. Race day in April is one of the most amazing and fulfilling experiences I've ever had. However, the many months of training before the races take a toll on my attitude and motivation. Especially when there's snow on the ground. This year, every morning I used a combination of prayer & meditation along with Coach Brad's breathing techniques to effectively manage my emotions. Using the HiLevel techniques I was able to channel the positive energy, train regularly and stay focused on the goals I set for myself. Thanks Coach Brad for teaching me to 'Hit Refresh.' I had a great race and experience!!”

The Hit Refresh process involves four different forms of performance breathing: Settle Down, Be Aware, Prepare and Execute.

Settle Down

Breathe your way back until the relaxation expands and the awareness of your situation becomes readily apparent. Fatigue or simple resistance can prevent you from knowing what you want. The goal is to be calm, clear and confident so you can Hit Refresh and begin to train at a new and better level.

Breathing style: Take a series of deep, forceful inhales and exhales until you feel the relaxation and the increased awareness.

Be Aware

Breathe your way back to the present moment. The goal is to be mindful of what you want to accomplish and create the right mind-set, focus on the right emotion and the sensations that signal proper form, attitude and intensity… and then make good decisions about what you want to accomplish.

Breathing style: Slow, long, reflecting, positive and calming inhales and exhales. 


Breathe your way through the action and see and feel the results you want. Mentally rehearse it. The goal is to be alert and ready. Visualize what you want to achieve, feel the actions you need to perform, and rehearse the entire process. 

Breathing style: Slow, long, and gentle inhales and exhales.


Breathe your way to perform with poise, power and accuracy. Your goal is to experience growth, joy, satisfaction and success. When your breathing is in sync with your movement, the inhale will start and prepare the movement and the exhale will complete the stride, exercise, stretch and a new level of work.

Breathing style: A short inhale (20–30 percent of a normal breath) and a forced exhale.

Hit Refresh!

Learn to breathe your way to the feelings that will allow you to push through any and all resistance. Create the conditioned response and muscle memory that become a set of essential tools for improving the quality of your workouts, performance, mood, presence and life.

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