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Going Deep

"The Path of Mastery"

The ability to "go deep" – to focus intensely and engage fully with something – is a powerful skill. Those who can immerse themselves fully and explore topics or pursuits with tremendous concentration often gain remarkable insights. This depth of understanding allows them to achieve significant accomplishments in their chosen fields.

Going deep requires the capacity to shut out external distractions and noise. It means engaging with single-minded devotion, letting go of the distractions to embrace the core essence of the subject matter. Whether shaping a surfboard, building a boat or crafting a piece of furniture with painstaking detail - going deep allows one to think through complex situations and arrive at simple, elegant solutions.

To go deep can also mean building a level of fitness that staggers the mind, enduring pain and discomfort beyond description while continuing to perform a difficult series of skills. The intense focus and unwavering commitment required to push past mental and physical limits is the essence of going deep.

At its core, going deep is the willingness to fully embrace a pursuit, to become consumed by the intricacies and nuances, and to persist until remarkable mastery is achieved. It's a process of exploring something inside and out, and gaining profound insights that may elude those unwilling to commit such a powerful focus.

This title brings attention to the core idea that to achieve true mastery of a skill or discipline, one must fully immerse themselves and "go deep" into the proper mindset, training, execution, and never-ending pursuit of growth and improvement.

To reach the heights of your potential, you must go deep - fully immersing yourself in the preparation, execution, and completion in the never-ending pursuit of mastery. This requires cultivating gratitude, the proper mindset, training with passion and purpose, and an unwavering devotion to continual growth.

Go Deep: Master the Art of Preparation

Cultivate Gratitude: Before a performance, take a moment to feel grateful for the opportunity and all the work you've put in to reach this point.

Clarify Expectations: Capture a clear awareness of what is expected of you, and what you expect of yourself. Aligning these expectations will help you focus.

Use Breathing Exercises: Practice settling breaths to center yourself and focus on the feelings and sensations you want to embody during the performance.

Build Confidence: Remind yourself of your strengths, skills, and previous successes to build unshakable self-confidence.

Embrace the Process: Learn to love the preparation process itself, not just the performance. Find joy and fulfillment in the journey of constant growth.

Outwork the Competition: Build an ever-increasing capacity to outwork your competition through rigorous and evolving preparation practices.

Practice Compassion: Throughout it all, nurture compassion for yourself and others. Be kind and supportive, not harshly self-critical.

Go Deep: Execute with Passion

Immerse yourself fully in learning and executing the skills for your new activity. Approach the hard work with joy and satisfaction - where there's a will, there's a way. Ensure you are training properly to learn the techniques, build the necessary strength, coordination, and overall fitness.

Performance breathing is key – inhale at 30-40% capacity, then powerfully exhale while applying passion, power, proper tempo and form to skill execution. During practice, want to recruit and focus on the sensations, thoughts and feelings that groove your skills. Breathing should energize you to push hard, pull hard, and recover in between.

The process of learning to perform under pressure will teach you to manage your passion for what you love, and trust your ability to execute at a high level. If you choose to compete, you must learn to battle with distraction and give your best effort when it counts the most. Immerse yourself in the flow state, and great competitive performances will come from your passion for the process.

Go Deep: Devote Yourself to Getting Better.

Build the capacity to learn from every repetition. Install a lens that allows you to see and seize opportunities to learn from your efforts. Actively seek feedback, debrief, and reframe the lessons that come your way.

Use breath-holds to build endurance before practicing and performing, as well as after to aid recovery. Make a conscious effort to build the mental strength to discover your truth - how important is getting better to you, and how hard are you willing to work for improvement?

Polish your efforts to provide the learning you need to apply to your preparation and execution. Harness that energy to improve all aspects of your performance. Devote yourself fully to the process of continual growth and mastery.


Going deep is an integrated process of mental, physical and emotional training. It demands gratitude, clarity, confidence, passion and compassion, and a love for the journey of growth. Execute with full passion and mastery will come through devotion - constantly seeking opportunities to learn, evolve, and outwork the competition. Embrace the mindset of going deep in all aspects, and you'll uncover new levels of performance.

Check List:
The Path of Mastery: Going Deep

To reach true mastery, one must fully immerse themselves in the proper mindset, training, execution, and relentless pursuit of growth and improvement.

Master the Art of Preparation:

  • Cultivate gratitude, clarify expectations, use breathing exercises, build confidence, embrace the process, outwork competition, practice compassion.

Execute with Passion:

  • Immerse yourself fully in learning and executing skills with joy and satisfaction.
  • Use proper breathing techniques to energize performance.
  • Learn to manage passion and trust your ability under pressure.

Devote Yourself to Getting Better:

  • Build the capacity to learn from every repetition and seek feedback.
  • Use breath–holds to build endurance.
  • Polish efforts to provide lessons to apply to preparation and execution.
  • Harness energy for continual growth and mastery.


  • “Going Deep” demands an integrated process of mental, physical and emotional training.

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