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GED Training, 

Performance Breathing, 

Power Breathing

If you want to get better at some aspect of your work, play or the relationship you have with yourself or others the GED Training is for you. 

Do you need more awareness or a better perception of what you want to achieve? 

Do you need more energy to match up with the demands of the action? 

Do you need an increase in your capacity for change to improve your performance?  

This program Integrates three mind-tools with sophisticated breathing techniques. 

Check it out!

GED Training


Gratitude can provide a mindset that allows you to want to be present, embrace challenges and do “battle” with distractions while giving your best effort under pressure. 

Gratitude can provide the awareness of the “why?” For example, why is this endeavor is so important to you? With practice this awareness combined with the breathing techniques I’ll discuss shortly can allow you to settle down, go deep and connect with the clarity regarding the expectations that you have for the activity, yourself and the others involved.  

This clarity can provide an accurate perception of what you might achieve. Over time this perception and the preparation that goes with it can provide the compassion to be kind to yourself and others and be patient with the process. And, at the same time, provide the refinement in the process that will allow you to get better and reach your full potential.


The Energy to Succeed

Excitement requires the emotional control to be eager to do the work. The work can be separated into the conditioning needed to build yoour strength and fitness, the practice of the requisite skills and techniques followed by the execution of these skills and techniques in competition. 

The acceptance of this GED process can allow you to get the job done under extreme pressure. This process combined with the appropriate breathing can provide the trust and confidence you need to express all of the fire and passion you have for your performance.

This trust can provide the focus to perform the skills and techniques correctly with the right tempo and intensity. This focus can provide the security to settle down under pressure, battle with the distractions and give your best effort under that extreme pressure.


Consider this the blue-collar work ethic. This discipline allows you to balance the expectations for what you wanted to achieve with the results of your efforts. This maturity can provide the capacity to endure the process and learn and grow in the best possible way.

This growth can be the result of your efforts to debrief your performance on a regular basis. In this way, the effort you give on a regular basis will reflect the absolute truth of your desire to give your best effort. 

This absolute truth can be boiled down into a mantra: a special statement of intention that provides a powerful reminder of what you want to have happen. It is a form of conditioning that can provide the inner direction for a specific series of actions to take place.

Performance Breathing

Performance breathing can bring you to a place you are able to be calm and clear, visualize what you want to achieve, feel the actions you need to perform and rehearse the entire process and then complete the action.

Performance Breathing makes everything you do better, from the simple to the complex, from the heavy to the lightest of actions. 

Performance Breathing helps with preparation, execution and completion. It includes 4 essential phases: The settle down, be aware, prepare and execute. 

Settle Down

This is the ability to inhale and forcefully exhale (make the 'taaaaaaa sound) and restore a sense of calmness and clarity. With practice, two or three forceful exhales should do the job.

Go Deep

To “go deep” develops the ability to use slow and calming breaths to restore your present moment awareness. To be mindful and connect with the reality of your situation and be clear with what you want to accomplish.


Create the ability to use gentle and relaxed breaths to reflect and visualize the results you want to produce: To focus on seeing yourself being alert and performing in the best possible way.


When you execute you will have the ability to use a shortened (30 to 40%) inhale and an explosive exhale to perform with tempo, power and accuracy: To use your breath and core to create a burst of energy as you complete the movement/action.

Power Breathing

Power breathing is made up of techniques that increase your ability to breathe under intense pressure, to hold your breath, to strengthen your diaphragm, to increase your endurance, increase your circulation and strengthen your immune system. Power breathing can be used to enhance your sleep, process anxiety, change your mood for the better and prepare to perform in, and survive, life threatening situations.

To support the GED Training and Performance Breathing, I recommend the three power breathing exercises: The Wim Hof Method, Clearing Breathes and the Chill Exercise.

The Wim Hof Method

While sitting in a comfortable place, take 30 to 40 quick, deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Then, take a deep breath and exhale. Hold until you need to breathe in. Inhale again, as deep as you can, and hold it for 10 seconds. Repeat this process three times. Breathe holds of this nature increase your endurance, strengthen diaphragm, reduce stress and anxiety, increase your lung capacity and tolerance of CO2

Reflection: Many of my clients tell my how much they have relied on the Wim Hof Method during the uncertainty of the pandemic. 

Clearing Breaths

A series of extreme deep clearing breaths. Inhale as deep as possible through your nose and exhale as slow and long as possible. Use these breaths to relax before, during and after your performance as needed. 

Reflection: Endurance athletes report that this breathing style is helpful in bringing a return to their resting heart rate.


A series of Wim Hof and Clearing breaths associated with experiencing either a cold shower or sitting in ice-cold water. If you shiver when you experience the cold you are burning fat, if you feel good you are producing the endorphins that produce feelings of pleasure.

Reflection: For best results develop a routine where you work the complete process on a regular basis. Your performance will improve dramatically as the extreme effect of these experiences create muscle memory and a series of conditioned responses to unwanted conditions. The result will be an increase in energy level, faster recovery and overall better fitness and health.

The combination of the GED Training, Performance Breathing and Power Breathing will elevate your level of success. Your efforts to get better will reflect an increase in patience and the ability to listen, to compete in intense situations, to lead and perform with power and accuracy.  You will increase your capacity to experience growth, joy, satisfaction, better relationships, increased longevity and real moments of serenity.

That’s HiLevel!