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Follow the Rules: a HiLevel Habit


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The story of "Want It"

The year is 1960. I showed up in Atlanta, Georgia ready to play football for Georgia Tech. It’s August and Georgia is hot! Being from Long Island, N.Y., where, yes, it does get hot and humid, but Atlanta’s 100 degrees with 100% humidity was a new and severe experience. Playing football in the S.E.C was also a new and severe experience. More talent surrounded me than I had ever dreamed possible.  So much for thinking I was ready!

Coach Brad at Georgia Tech

To help the newcomers adjust, a number of the coaches would constantly repeat the phrase “Son…You’ve got to want it!” Their message was simple. In order to get through two-a-day practices with the challenge of the weather and the inherent need to compete and survive, you’d better find out in a hurry what it means to “want it!”

To “want it” simply meant to act the part: To run hard, hit hard, pay attention and learn. It was all about showing that you cared in every possible way. Primarily, to have the intention to be intense for the entire practice and be spontaneous and play without fear, doubt or judgment. 

The bottom line was to do everything humanly possible to compete for a spot on the team. And, they were right. “Wanting it” is what it took. I wanted it and I began to make wanting it a habit.

The Cue

Feeling the resistance to hit

The Routine

Inhale slowly, pause and exhale with the “Taaaaaah breathe and explode through the situation.

The Reward

Enjoy the contact that goes with this great game!

The HiLevel Rules were written in collaboration with Bill Curry, my teammate from our time at Georgia Tech. The Rules are to help you reflect on your ability to “want it!” 

HiLevel Habits

Hilevel Habits will allow you to be more competitive. Last time we discussed developing your Mindset. Today we’ll discuss HiLevel Habit Number 2, Follow the Rules. We’ll cover the third habit, Master the Tools, in a future blog.

HiLevel Habit Number 2

Follow the Rules

Show up Rested

Rest results from the right amount of sleep, relaxation, nutrition, hydration, recovery, stretching and activity. In general, your rest needs to provide the energy to be mentally clear and physically ready, to bring forth the skills, attitude and belief to handle any possible challenges.

The Cue

Lack of energy

The Routine

Do what you have to do to feel physically

ready and mentally clear

The Reward

To feel right with plenty of energy

Trust the Process

Trust is the confidence you have in your ability to perform a specific task, to stay present, maintain a positive attitude, and, when others are involved, to believe that they can and will perform at their best. Trust is essential in the process of building cooperative relationships that form the back­bone of successful teams.

The Cue

A lack of trust in yourself or someone

The Routine

Bring your self present, breathe, and adjust your posture,

put a slight smile on your face and reestablish your confidence.

The Reward

Complete confidence in yourself and others

Find the Beauty

Show up and give your best effort and find the positive value in the results. The HiLevel Debrief and Reframe exercises offer a structure for capturing the beauty and recording the growth.

The Cue

Feeling incomplete with your effort

The Routine

Find the value

The Reward

Build acceptance, good health and happiness

Live the Rules

The rules work when they become a conditioned response that allows you to find the fun and value in challenges. Responding to fatigue, doubt and/or resistance with your best effort is to know what it means to be satisfied and successful and live your life with integrity.

With practice the rules will allow you to:

  • Resolve extreme challenges that will set you up to win the competition that represents the game of your life.
  • Experience satisfaction, knowing that you have focused on the areas of your performance that you can control.
  • Realize the success that comes when you work hard and put forward your best effort.

That’s HiLevel!