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Beyond Ready

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· TeamReady Mindset

In working with athletes, business professionals and coaches to improve their performance, I have experienced some extremely successful individuals that fit the definition of being “beyond ready.” 

These individuals have mastered the process of learning to be grateful for the challenges they face, excited about the work related to the challenges and devoted to the process of learning from their experience. In this way, being “beyond ready” gives them the ability to move smoothly through the GED process.

When these individuals are confronted with a challenge, they routinely confront the options:

  • change the situation/resolve the issues, 
  • improve the situation/assert leadership, or 
  • remove themselves from the situation/quit the process and move on. 

If the decision is to improve the situation, they immediately “reframe the situation” and express their gratitude for this opportunity for growth. The gratitude provides the awareness regarding the expectations associated with the challenge and the expectations they have for themselves.

Next, they evaluate the work, energy and skill level required to get the job done in the face of this challenge. Moving forward they choose to manifest the excitement they need to get up and stay up and when needed settle down and learn to give their best effort.

Finally, they step back and evaluate the devotion needed to get the job done given the expectations associated with this challenge. The learning and growth that occurs helps them to make the needed adjustments and step back up to reload with the gratitude/awareness and excitement/acceptance and then prepare and repeat the process.

Which each full cycle through the process the individual in question gains the confidence, fitness, skills and learning to eventually master the process and become “beyond ready!”

Individuals that fit this description often create an enormous amount of success in athletics, business, their health, approach to life, and important relationships.

Success for them is achieved by being in the flow. They are able to:

  • Be present and listen for what is true.
  • Settle down and be grateful for each opportunity to do their work.
  • Share their truth and wisdom.
  • Love what they do.
  • Embrace challenges and battle in a loving way.
  • Breathe their way to expressing their fire and passion.
  • Be Beyond Ready.

For instance...

Many people surf, but only a select few are able to be “beyond ready.” Especially on the North Shore at Sunset, Rocky Point and Pipeline. Kalani Rivero, 19, appears to be there.

He has taken advantage of growing up across the street from Sunset Beach. He has the fire and passion to push himself to get more extreme air, make it functional and stay healthy.

His ability to improve seems to provide the fun and freedom he needs to continue to improve. His confidence has pulled him through some major challenges, as there is no room for doubt. His eagerness to do the work and learn from his efforts will determine if he masters this process and becomes “beyond ready” on a regular basis.

In surfing, as in so many other pursuits, your style tells the story. If you are consistently present, able to settle down and be explosive when needed, embrace challenges and make it look easy, and express your love for your sport – you have found your flow and may truly be "beyond ready."

And That’s HiLevel!

Photo of Kalani Rivero courtesy of Bernie Baker, taken week of May 19, 2019.