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Back in the Gym

To get back in the gym is to feel the power and the celebrated feelings that are generated by deliberate training sessions. By definition ‘deliberate’ means to be present, to breathe your way from the preparation to the completion of each session. You are aware of the importance of these sessions and you know what’s expected by them and what you expect of yourself.

One of the blessings of the pandemic was the forced downtime: a strict “stay home” schedule that eliminated the need to run errands. During this time, I was able to really settle down and go deep and reflect. When it came to my workouts, I began to realize how much I love to train. And being deliberate was a natural part of this realization.

When you are able to be deliberate, you are able to embrace any and all challenges and you intuitively know when to step it up, when to ease off and when it’s time to stop and come back another day. If you stay noble, true to your plan, you will learn to battle with the distractions and eventually be able to experience the power of the flow. The place where the energy you expend comes back to you as feelings of ease, joy and satisfaction.

To get back in the gym is to learn how to accept the need to work hard and then get the job done. As this happens you will begin to build trust in your ability to give your best effort under extreme pressure. At this level of confidence, you will most likely want to seek coaching. A good coach will be able to provide the feedback you need for more energy, strength, endurance, better posture and form.

In my case, Kahea Hart, the well-known surf coach on the North Shore has given me the keys to getting back to the gym. My neck has held me back in the past from getting the most out of my workouts. In the late 70’s a compressed disk in my neck ended my ability to surf. I eventually had fusion to the vertebrae’s in question. The operation eliminated the pain but didn’t correct my posture or let me build back the strength.

Kahea gave me instruction in Foundation Training which enabled me to build back the strength in my neck without getting hurt and correct my posture to lengthen and decompress the tension in my entire spinal column. I am forever grateful for his support, guidance and direction.

The point about needing a coach is that the right coach will give you the feedback you need to take your performance to the next level.

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To get back in the gym is to establish the balance between what you expect from yourself and what you accomplish in each session. To do you this must establish the overall plan and the right schedule for each training sessions. This schedule will include:

  • The amount rest and sleep needed to recover.
  • A balance of cardio versus strength building exercises.
  • Adjustments for the intensity and tempo, patience to pull back when needed and rachet up when the time is right
  • Attention to your diet and hydration. 
  • Simplification of effort to enhance the benefits. 


HiLevel Hawaii : Gratitude, Excitement, Devotion

Gratitude, Excitement, Devotion

Gratitude: To Go Deep

To breathe, settle down and be present with the compassion needed to follow your plan.

A word about compassion. Compassion is the ability to use your settle–down breath to listen to yourself and then do the ‘right’ thing, follow your own rules or the team rules: i.e., show up rested, hydrated with an awareness of what you want to accomplish.

Excitement: To Go Big

To breathe, express fire (the fast-burning fuel to be used in the moment) and passion (the slow burning fuel to keep you coming back for more). Together the fire and passion will build the trust to operate at acceptance, the ‘want’ to get the job done.

A word about trust. Trust is mental. The ability to condition yourself to feel the sensations that signal you are on the right track. To be patient and use your inhale and exhale to guide your movements with the right amount of fire and passion.

Devotion: To Get Better

To breathe, find the lens that allows you to see and feel the capacity to live your own truth: To debrief the results and incorporate the learning with complete integrity.

A word about the truth. Truth is the power to grow and get better. To be kind and sensitive to the needs of others.

Live the Life at Hand

Always make deliberate breathing and the feelings of compassion, trust and truth a big part of your efforts to live this life at hand.

That’s Hilevel!