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Are you Happy?

As I was watching the Super Bowl, I watched as the Michelob ULTRA ad asked:

”Are you happy because you win, or do you win because you’re happy?”

I think the best choice by far is, you “Win because you’re happy.”

Being happy before, during and after your performance is the essence of what it means to win at what you love to do.

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To be happy as you prepare to perform allows you to be present and enjoy the moment. It’s sort of like waxing your surfboard on a day when the weather and waves are the way you like it! Your thoughts and feelings allow you to perceive a really fun session. In short, you are up for a good time.

Reflection: The win is in your perception of what is possible.


To be happy as you execute your performance allows you to give your best effort with ease. At this level of achievement, the energy you expend comes back to you as the feelings of the flow state. You are fully engaged: focused on feeling the sensations and enjoyment that signal the right tempo, form and execution of the required skills and techniques.

Reflection: The win is in the trust you build in your ability to achieve positive results.


To be happy with your performance is to increase your capacity and the will to learn from your experience and get better.

Reflection: The win is in your ability to express your truth in your actions in the moment and throughout the course of the performance.

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The secret to being happy as you continue to perform a specific activity is to keep the fire and passion alive. To look forward to it, practice seeing and feeling yourself do it successfully, be deliberate when you do it and debrief it after and highlight the pleasure.

Reflection: The win is in the ability to adjust the levels of preparation, execution and completion based on what makes you happy!

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That’s HiLevel!

All images are screen-grabs of the Michelob commercial.